The Enclave of Oxford

December 2012 Newsletter

 Merry Christmas and welcome to the first newsletter from your board of directors!


Our goal is to keep you informed about The Enclave and your homeowners association. We have been busy!!


We have an email address and a website! will get you in touch with your

board of directors and is our own website. While it may not be the most elaborate website on the internet, it is one full of information with more to come. Go visit it. Sign in and let us know anything missing from the website you would like to see. (Caution: do not feel when you sign in that you have to answer every question in your profile. While this is a professional website with security, who knows what some internet crazy might do with your information.)

We have hired Summit Management to help with the day to day operations of the Enclave.


Jason Baily


Summit Management


1903 University Avenue Suite 9




We have just had The Enclave painted:


All front doors have two coats of stain


Numbers taken down for staining and hardware taped off


Missing front door numbers installed


All black numbers above garages removed and boards painted


Garage plaques installed


All windows caulked and painted with rust proof paint


All dormers painted


All shutters painted or stained, plastic screws in brick replaced as needed


Peak on 216 that was never painted now painted


Peeling peaks on 200-214 scraped and painted


Two back doors that were peeling scraped and painted


Several half moons over front doors that were peeling now scraped and painted


Missing wood on window on 107 installed


Siding missing from 109 replaced and painted


Gutters cleaned


Rocks on Patti Drive placed in holes at Molly Barr


Bollards on turn in and across from mailbox capped and painted black with reflective dot


We are in negotiation with the City of Oxford to install 8 street lights!

We are working with a contractor for signs at the entrances to The Enclave.

We are investigating vigorously additional parking places.

We are talking with new landscape services for future maintenance and plantings.

Per our by laws the Board of Directors met in November, developed a budget for 2013, and are proud to report that our homeowners dues will remain at $150 per month. By the way, the draft system for paying dues seems to be working extremely well. Thank you all for your gracious, willing cooperation.

Per our by laws the annual meeting for The Enclave Homeowners Association is the first Monday in January. That date is January 7th (the Monday after Ole Miss wins the BBVA Compass bowl) at 7 pm at 406 Sadie. {MORE ABOUT THIS IN A SEPARATE EMAIL.}

Per our by laws Article XIV (d) All equipment and garbage cans serving a Unit shall be kept entirely within the Unit. ...Wheeled garbage buggies, cans or other refuse containers shall not be place at or near nay street earlier than 6:00 pm the evening prior to garbage collection and said buggies, cans and other refuse containers shall be removed before 6:00 pm on the day of collection.

Per our by laws Article XIV ( c) No sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on the Land except: ....(ii) on the interior side of the window of a Unit, one professionally prepared sign not in excess of five (5) square feet (i.e., 2 feet 6 inches in height by 2 feet 6 inches in width) in size, advertising the Unit for sale or rent..... This is not an unusual restriction in Oxford condos. Your realtor will be familiar with it. Please have any outside signs placed inside windows by the end of December. Any signs still on common ground January will be removed.

Per our bylaws if you are renting your condo, please let the board of directors know the names and contact numbers/email for your renters. This information would be handy in case we need to contact residents as opposed to owners.

It is the policy of the board of directors that all correspondence to homeowners via email be done so using the bcc line. It is our intention to never expose any homeowner’s email address. We ask that all homeowners do the same.

One negative item: At the Vanderbilt game some of our residents and/or their guests chose to party from midnight till about 2 am. While this is in violation of our bylaws in terms of noise, the most troubling violation is that they had a bonfire(!) on the embankment at the end of Patti–not even in a firepit but on the ground in the midst of all those dry leaves! The fire area was still warm the next morning–frightening as to what could have happened if a few of those leaves had caught fire and been blown throughout The Enclave and the airport. Please contact your renters and caution them that fires will not be allowed. Next time the police will be called.


Enough negative! Your board of directors is excited about the future of The Enclave. We are honored to be working with you, and we solicit your input. Email us! Visit the website! See you in Oxford!


Happy New Year at The Enclave!


Karen Crocker Lee




The Enclave Homeowners Association, Inc.

Oxford, Mississippi 38655

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